The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Two Week Check-In

I am very proud of myself.  On Thursday I reached two weeks on this crazy diet.

TWO WEEKS!  I’m thoroughly impressed with myself right now.  I can barely believe it.

Here’s a check-in…

The Good

Finally, after two weeks of being seriously exhausted, on Friday I was feeling MUCH better.  I had energy and was in a good mood.  I was excited about spending a quiet evening at home.  Happy Carmen is better than Crabby Carmen.

I’m eating really well.  Most of the food I make is delicious, and feels luxurious.  I’m having fun finding recipes that I can adjust to work for me and playing with them.  Sometimes the results aren’t pretty (see The Ugly, below) but it’s really fun to try them out.  I’m trying lots of new vegetables and having fun with it.

I’m feeling really good about doing something good for my body, for my spirit, for me.  I’ve lost 5 pounds, which is really exciting, because it is really, really difficult to lose weight when you have Hashimoto’s.  Other good things are happening in my body too — my hair seems to not be falling out as much and the psoriasis on my hand is going away.  These are all symptoms of a larger autoimmune problem, and it’s great to see that my dietary changes are already helping.

The Bad

I thought I would save lots of money… well, the money I would have saved is going to all the supplements I’m taking.  It’ll be interesting to see how this changes in the future.

I thought I would be doing yoga everyday.  That worked for the first week.  After that I’ve been too tired to move.  I’m impressed that I get to work every day.  Yesterday was a good day.  Today, I’m exhausted again.  I’m glad it’s Saturday and I can sit on the couch all day if I want.

I do miss my social life.  I miss talking with my friends over a glass of wine.  I miss going out.  I miss eating out.  Frankly, I’m a little tired of doing dishes all the time.

The Ugly

Sometimes my cooking experiments don’t work.  Case in point: I met some friends out the other night for a friend’s birthday (I had a Pellegrino) and didn’t get home until after 7.  I’m usually cooking, if not eating, by then and I was STARVING.  I didn’t plan ahead very well.  I was planning on cooking Chicken Curry in a Hurry (seemed fitting) and was going to adjust the recipe to use coconut yogurt.  It tasted OK, but looked AWFUL.  I almost couldn’t eat it.  It was brown and gross.  I almost wish I took a picture just so you can see how awful it looked.  Clearly, that recipe adaption needs some work.  Had I not been starving and tired, I think I would have thought it through and just used coconut milk.  Why in the world did I need to use yogurt?

This is super embarrassing.  One of the supplements I’m taking kills all viruses,  bad bacteria, parasites (ugh) and anything else bad that might be living in my digestive tract.  It also makes my belly… um… not feel good at all.  Let’s just say that it makes being in public difficult.  I guess it’s a good think I’m not going to yoga (I don’t want to be that girl) or spending much time in public.

Overall, I think it’s been a successful two weeks.  The past two weeks went really quickly, so there is no reason the next two weeks won’t be the same.  I see a glass of wine in my future!

By the way, in case you were wondering, the countdown I was so excited about figuring out is wrong.  I actually have 12 days to go!


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