Hashimoto’s/Thyroid/Auto-Immune Support:

Dr. Kharrazian’s website:

Dr. K’s Gut Repair Diet:

Hashimoto’s 411 Facebook Page:

Food/Eating (not necessarily autoimmune diet friendly – make sure you check that they work for you)

Brittany Angel’s Blog Real Sustenance is great for food allergies and autoimmune disease.  Be sure to check her post on the Gut Repair Diet.  It seriously helped me overcome my fear of this crazy diet and move forward.

Mark Bittman has amazing recipes that are super simple and delicious.  His whole roast chicken (I use the lemon variety) and roast chicken parts have become mainstays for me.  He has two websites: and  You can also check out his New York Times blog here.

My friend Amber Stott has a great blog about living “la vida locavore” at  She has great tips about making the most use out of your farmer’s market.

Roost is a gorgeous blog about living grain-free.  I love her pictures!

If you don’t read Gluten Free Girl and the Chef, you need to start.  She writes beautiful, beautiful words, and often makes me cry (at work). (She’s on a bit of a sabbatical right now, but I go back and read her old stuff when I need some perspective.)

Pink of Perfection is a lovely blog about living “well” without spending much.  I love her French Fridays!

Simply Recipes is just that, delicious recipes that are 9/10 very easy.  Elise has a section for gluten free and it’s easy to find things that work for you.  I’ve been using her site for years (and just found out recently that she lives in the same city as me!  Crazy!) and am now working on adapting her recipes to fit my needs.


In my quest to be a better, more fully realized person, I often seek out the best spirtuality help… on the internet.  A little different than my younger days of going to mass every Sunday, but definetly helps me grow.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Love Wasting Time – by my favorite yoga instructor Michelle Marlahan.  She writes beautiful words and somehow always says the right things at the right time.  (I’ll use this opportunity to encourage you to go to It’s All Yoga if you live in Sacramento.  Best yoga studio ever!)

Elephant Journal – not really a blog, but a collection of essays, like an online yoga magazine.  (Um, I think it is, actually.)  There’s some stuff on here that is TOTALLY out there, but much of it is great.

Body Image/Healthy Living

Already Pretty is a great website about clothes and body image.  I have no idea how I found this blog, but I am so glad I did!  Sally takes daily pictures of herself and her outfits, and while I wouldn’t wear all of what she wears, she always makes me think about what I feel and look best in and encourages her readers to think outside the box.  She’s also a big fan of the long sweater/skirt with tights/leggings and boots combo, and since that is pretty much my uniform, I like the ideas!  I think what is best about her blog are her writings on body image.  This one here especially helped me when I was was at my lowest point.

To see all kinds of things I love, including recipes, decorating ideas, words of inspiration, and totally irreverent humor, check me out on Pintrest.

This is an ever changing document (at work we would call it “fluid”) so please check back.  Do you have any favorites I should add to my list?


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